Listing your home with a real estate professional gives you the best opportunity for a sale and greatest visibility available to the world. Harnessing the marketing power of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices along with my website, advertising tools and vast marketing background, I have an impeccable track record with listings and finding qualified buyers for your home.

Listing your home for sale involves a step-by-step process that ensures each fact and angle of your real estate is taken into consideration. Listing real estate is more than just assigning an appropriate and marketable value. It includes understanding the market demand for your home, when is the best time to list it, and even how best to advertise. I have nearly 15 years of marketing and advertising experience in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas. I have skillfully worked to marry my real estate background with my marketing background to leverage better visibility and position for you as a seller in today’s market.

Whether it is quality signage, brochures, professional photography, personalized showings, I have the ability to tailor my service as a real estate professional to my client’s needs.

Another very important aspect of a listing agent is understanding how to negotiate. The art of negotiating a real estate transaction to maximize the seller’s advantage is paramount to keeping their best interest in mind. Because buyers have multiple contingencies for exiting a purchase agreement in Nevada either through their due diligence, inspection, appraisal, homeowners association or financing, it’s important to make sure the seller is protected through the process as well. Selecting a strong buyer with legitimate buying power and resources is key, along with consistent communication with the buyer’s agent throughout the process.

The ability to appropriately price real estate is also an important facet of being a real estate professional. Though Las Vegas has many master planned communities with many similar models for assessing value, our city also contains many custom homes, luxury residences and unique properties that will challenge both real estate agents and appraisers. It’s critical to meet with owners, review facts and work to assign a meaningful and true value to the property that aligns with the market conditions. I oftentimes tell my owners that the market will generally dictate what the value of their property is. If the property is underpriced, the market will react with multiple offers. If the property is overpriced, the market will react accordingly and the lack of interest and agent feedback will be noted. Overpricing a property can oftentimes net an owner less at closing, then if the property was priced correctly and didn’t experience multiple price reductions. This strategy is not just exclusive to real estate.

As a seasoned listing agent, I have time and again, delivered excellent service and results to my clients. Giving market-ready facts and personable service coupled with excellent support from our Berkshire Hathaway family gives my clients the best opportunity to maximize their real estate value when selling in the Las Vegas market.