First-Time Home Buyers
Purchasing your first home in the Las Vegas valley is both an exciting and anxious experience for everyone. It’s critical to gain an understanding of the process from start to finish so your expectations can be met and exceeded. Once you believe you are financially ready to take on the responsibility of homeownership, your first step should be to contact a mortgage professional to assess your credit worthiness, buying power and overall financial position. There are many aspects of homeownership that first-time buyers don’t take into consideration when budgeting for a mortgage. Items like property taxes, homeowner’s association fees, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance premiums, cost to commute and utility cost. As a renter, your monthly rent and renters insurance and basic utilities are generally your maximum expenses. Having your real estate professional or mortgage lender help you budget these costs upfront is key to understanding your future commitment.

Before choosing a lender, perform your own due diligence and research lenders online. Educate yourself on current interest rates and costs associated with obtaining a mortgage. Once you have developed a business relationship with a trusted lending source, make sure you’re pre-qualified for a home before the home search process. If you require assistance finding a qualified lender, please contact me. I have developed excellent relationships with several quality lenders.

The mortgage process for first-time buyers can be daunting. Your mortgage lender will need to thoroughly review your financial background to gain confidence in your financial ability to afford the mortgage you are applying for. Common items needed will be tax returns, bank statements, paycheck stubs, investment account statements, employment verifications, and many other items. Buyers must be prepared to move through this process at a quick pace since the average time from offer acceptance to closing is approximately thirty-five days.

Once you have been pre-approved, it’s time to begin the process of finding your first home. We will discuss your goals and how to best achieve finding your dream home. We will discuss the process of home inspections, homeowners associations, appraisals, and many other important aspects to the process. My client’s goals and passions become my goals and passions and together we team to make the process both positive and rewarding.

So often, we are called to relocate to a new city for work, relationships or family reasons. Las Vegas continues to be a top destination for people to relocate to because of our strong job market and ongoing growth. The prior two years, we’ve seen new construction of homes on an upswing, and resale homes moving briskly. Resort expansion, visitation and revenue continue to be positive signs of a strong economy here in Las Vegas.

I have helped many executives, retirees, and others find their new home here in Las Vegas and Henderson. Having lived in Las Vegas over 40 years, I have a unique advantage over most other real estate professionals. I have a vast knowledge of the valley, the pros, cons and information vital for new residents to understand about our city. With over two million people calling Las Vegas home, and the city being one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country for over 20 years, it’s important to know as much as you can about Las Vegas. Understanding the economy, lifestyle, resources and politics of Southern Nevada provides you with an advantage as you move into the marketplace.

Second/Vacation Homes
Finding your second home or vacation home in the Las Vegas valley is an exciting prospect. Whether you are drawn to Las Vegas for the weather, entertainment, relative low-cost of living, or desert beauty, I am sure we will find you the perfect residence. Las Vegas and Henderson have diverse real estate offerings. Summerlin, Anthem, and Providence all offer gorgeous views from higher elevations across the valley. If you’re looking for something with an urban experience above all others, Las Vegas has some of the most luxurious high rise accommodations anywhere. Queensridge Towers epitomizes luxury high rise living in Summerlin. Other residences include Panorama Towers, The Martin, Allure, Turnberry, and modern loft residences in Downtown Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for an active adult community, Sun City Anthem, Sun City Summerlin and Sun City Aliante are just a few of the options available. With temperate weather most of the year, golfing, hiking and luxurious recreational centers, Las Vegas and Henderson have become an oasis for active adults and seniors looking to escape colder climates and enjoy the year round amenities the city offers.

I have helped countless buyers from all over the world, find their vacation or second home here in Las Vegas. The lure of warmer weather, blue skies and endless entertainment make Southern Nevada a perfect home away from home for millions of people.

As an investor, Las Vegas and Henderson and other surrounding cities offer a multitude of options for buyers looking to get a solid return on investment. Southern Nevada has traditionally lower property taxes than many areas around the country. Because we also don’t experience many of the same catastrophic weather issues that other areas throughout the United States, our hazard insurance rates are also lower than average. Couple affordable housing with these lower expenses, Las Vegas and the surrounding cities help to make investing in real estate more attractive than many other markets. My investors have purchased both luxury property and single-family homes and even fourplex buildings, working to maximize their returns. I will help you navigate the market, target the right investment opportunity for you based on your needs and make sure your expectations are exceeded.

Another advantage I have is knowing the right home inspectors, laborers and tradesmen to help you make repairs to these homes when needed. Having confidence and trust in selecting who completes your work is crucial, not only for quality of work, but cost effectiveness to your bottom line.

If you’re looking for an investment property here in Las Vegas, please allow me to help you find that next real estate opportunity.

Move-Up/Down Buyers
One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping a client move from a smaller home into something better as their life changes, their family grows and careers improve. Making that exciting yet anxious step from one home into another can be nerve-wrecking. The key to this transition is being able to appropriately price your current home and set achievable timelines for everyone involved, while addressing your needs for a future home. Balancing all those things and taking the guess-work out of the process is something I’ve done many times.

Oftentimes I find that there are just as many buyers moving up the market, as are moving down. There comes a time when a client may need less home than they have. Reducing expenses, consolidating furnishings, or maybe just simply downsizing their life is important. I have helped buyers find just the right fit from their new home, whatever size it may be.

If you’re thinking of upgrading or simply consolidating into a smaller home, I can assist you with the process from beginning to end.